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Monday, October3rd
$35/ person

Bullwhip Workshop


Experience the Exhilaration of Breaking the Sound Barrier

With Tina Ritt


The whips are back!  


For this mixed-level workshop, instructor Tina Ritt will work with each student at their own pace.  Mastered the overhead crack?  She'll help you with a new one.  Been whipping for years?  Tina can help you polish your style and technique.  



For first timers, you will be taught:


Basic Handling- including grip, body positions, and safety practices and procedures.

Fundamental “cracks” that are the building blocks for all basic and advanced techniques.

How not to hurt yourself (and others)!



About Tina:


 Tina has been an artist and performer most of her teen and adult life.  She has worked as a Middle-Eastern dancer, a Stage Illusionist/Escape Artist, and even as a “Target-Girl” for the world’s fastest knife-thrower.  She began training with the bullwhip in 2005 as an assistant and quickly became a performing artist.  


 As a performer, Tina has created and performed acts for corporate events, county fairs, and festivals around the country.  She has been invited to perform internationally in both Hong Kong and Korea.  Her whips have graced the stage of Monday Night Magic, New York’s longest running Off-Broadway Magic/Variety show, and Late Night with Conan O’Brien, where she whipped a flower out of Conan’s teeth.  Locally she has been a favorite with cabaret and burlesque troupes such as Dr Farrago and Lily’s, the Mondo Juggling Festival, and Valleyfair, Minnesota’s largest theme park. 


As an instructor Tina has given both group and private instruction to performers, hobbyists, the casually curious, and special interest groups throughout the United States and also in Canada.  She has worked as a consultant/stunt coordinator for the American Theatre Company in New York City, and is a contributing author to the book “Let’s Get Cracking, The How-To Book of Bullwhip Skills”. She is a Charter Professional Member, Performer, and Educator of the Society of American Whip Artistry.


Tina’s passion is to show others that life need never be ordinary, and that anyone is capable of great self-empowerment!

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