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Our signature offering! You, yes, you can try your hand at the Flying Trapeze!  First time students are introduced to the equipment and facilities and given a quick overview of safety requirements. Next you will be taught a ‘knee hang’ position to practice on our low trapeze bar. Then it’s up the ladder to the Trapeze Rig. One instructor remains with you on the Trapeze Rig, another pulls the safety lines and the third remains on the ground offering corrections/encouragement/assistance as needed.

During the final portion of the class, the third instructor becomes the "Catcher" and climbs onto the Rig to catch the students as you perform your trick. This is the final step of the first day and most people consider it the highlight.


Returning and more advanced students are taught new tricks, skills and positions following a curriculum with instructor approval.  


We offer two options: Mixed Level Flying Trapeze (recommended for Beginners) and Swings and Tricks (for more advanced students, does not include catching)

Still have questions?  Check out our FAQ!


What happens at my first class?

On your first day you will practice a ‘knee hang’ position on the low bar.  Then it’s up the ladder for your first swing on the trapeze!  You’ll have several turns to practice your new skills, and your instructor will give you feedback and pointers between turns.  Then, during the final portion of the class, you may attempt to connect with our ‘catcher’ mid-air!

What should I wear?

 Anything comfortable which allows easy movement.  Yoga/sweat pants and a T-shirt are good choices.  We recommend wearing something that covers your knees.  You'll remove your shoes to fly, and either socks or bare feet work!  Long hair should be tied back.

Is it safe?
What's your first class like?  Check us out On Twin Cities Live!

We take safety seriously.  All circus activity carries an inherent risk for possible injury.  We manage that risk with both safety equipment and detailed instruction.  All beginning and intermediate students wear a Safety Harness.  Flying Trapeze is always performed over a Safety Net.  Our qualified and experienced instructors will guide you through the entire process for a safe and exhilarating experience!

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