Do you have age restrictions?

All our classes are open to students ages 6+ (8+ for Youth Camps). And no, you’re not “too”old. Our current record is 83, and we’re looking to break that record!


Are their height/weight restrictions/requirements?

Not really.  The only physical restriction is that you are able to hold your own weight while hanging from a bar.  You don't need to do pull ups or anything like that (but if that's a goal, we're happy to help you).  Flying Trapeze is accessible to almost all people!


What do I wear?

Dressing appropriately for circus activities is very important. We recommend that students wear form-fitting, but not movement restricting, pants that go below the knee. Students will be hanging by their knees on the trapeze and it is more comfortable if one’s skin is not bare.

Tights, leggings or yoga pants are preferred; sweatpants that aren’t too baggy are OK, no jeans, no shorts. Any shirt is fine. Those with long hair should tie it back.

What is your cancellation policy?

For regularly scheduled classes, you can cancel without penalty up to 24 hours prior to your class.  We do not issue refunds or credits for classes canceled within 24 hours.  For Parties/Camps/Special Events, the time frame is 7 days. Due to COVID19, our cancellation policy is temporarily suspended.  As long as you cancel prior to your class there is no penalty (no shows will still be charged).  Please do not come to class if you feel ill.  Please call 651-262-9477 to reschedule.

Please see our full list of Covid Precautions/Changes HERE.

How do I find you?

Our address is 719 Minnehaha Ave E, St Paul, MN 55106. The East part is very important, west Minnehaha is a different place! We can be difficult to find, so give yourselves extra time to find us, plan to arrive 15 minutes early.  We are located in one of the old Hamm’s Brewery warehouse buildings.

What if I still can’t find you?

Call us at 651-262-9477. We may miss your call, if we’re teaching, but if you leave a message we will call you back ASAP.

What is the cost?

Check out our pricing page for specifics!

Is there paperwork?

Yes, we have a waiver and registration form that will need to be filled out before your first class. There are online and you can fill them out here.

What if I’m pregnant?

We do not advise that women who are pregnant try the flying trapeze, due to the safety belt worn around the waist.  We'll see you and your little one in a few months!

Twin Cities Trapeze Center offers Flying Trapeze Lessons to all ages and abilities.  TC2 welcomes everyone, from beginners to professional students.  Our mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for children (6 and over) and adults to learn and practice Flying Trapeze skills. Gone are the days when you had to be born into a circus family to experience the joy of ‘flying through the air with the greatest of ease’.  Now you can take a class at Twin Cities Trapeze Center and feel the thrill of the circus without running away.

Sign up for a single class and check Flying Trapeze off your ‘Bucket List’, or come back again and again to improve your circus skills


719 E Minnehaha Ave

Saint Paul, MN  55106






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