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Trampoline and Wall Trampoline


From beginners to advanced trampoline athletes, this class has something to offer everyone! Whether it's learning basic trampoline skills, tricks, and form or dropping from 13 feet off of our custom built rig, our experienced trampoline team is there to help. During class, you will be taught correct body positions in both the trampoline and while airborne, building a comfort and awareness of the equipment. Once you have a basic understanding of how to use a trampoline, you will have the opportunity to learn skills like back flips or cradles. Finally, to finish the class or to those with advanced trampoline background and instructor approval, you will have the chance to drop off our trampoline wall and learn how to run perpendicular to the ground, dropping first from 9 feet and then 13!  Classes require a basic comfort level of physical activity, conditioning, and exercise

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