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Mother's Day Hooping Workshop!


Hoopy Mother's Day!


Sunday, May 10 from 11-1p

Ages 8+

$40 per person for 2 hours (includes a hula hoop!)

$15 for second hour only



Bring your mom (or aunt, sister, grandma, daughter, son, nephew, entire family, etc) to the Trapeze Center on Mother's Day!  Celebrate the moms in your life by making hula hoops together and learning how to play with them.  During the first hour, participants will get to create their own hoop and make it colorful with a rainbow of tape colors to choose from.  The second hour of the workshop will be spent moving and grooving with your new hoop!  We will learn a few tosses, on-body tricks, off-body tricks, and end with a just-for-fun contest on our hips.  If you already have a hoop and do not wish to make another (you can never have too many), please join us for the second hour to play and practice!


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