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German Wheel!


German Wheel is a circus apparatus consisting of two large circles fixed together with bars.  Athletes perform inside and around the wheel.   It is, as we at Twin Cities Trapeze like to say, the most fun you can have on the ground!


We'll keep you updated on upcoming German Wheel Workshops!
German Wheel 


Does rolling around in a giant wheel sound like fun to you? It is! In this 90-minute comprehensive workshop, you'll rock back and forth on the German wheel, do cartwheels, roll with a partner, make the wheel spin like a coin, perform your first flip, and do lots more.


This class is designed for anyone new to the German Wheel.  No experience is required, though you are welcome to take this course multiple times!

About Carly


Carly Schuna is a 3 time reigning U.S. Open All-Around Champion in wheel gymnastics. She and her co-teacher, Luke Emery, are both certified German wheel coaches. Carly and Luke have performed both solo and duo wheel acts at events such as the Wheel Gymnastics World Championships, MadFest 47th Annual Juggling Extravaganza, and the Cycropia Aerial Dance production of Saturniidae. Carly and Luke are also founders and executive board members of the Madison Circus Space, where they regularly teach wheel classes.

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